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Analytics and Optimization

Gathering information about which of your product are being looked at the most and the interests of your customers can help you optimize your business, target audience, product showcase, demographic, region, advertising & marketing, and etcetera. Analytics reports provide unique information into your customers for example, their language, age, gender, interests, prefered device, prefered browser, country & region, phone/internet service provider, and almost anything else you would like to know. Making the most out of this information to optimize your business will greatly increase the size and profit of your business. A better understanding of your customers, target audience, marketing channels, and site performance can help you save money on advertising and additionally increase your ads effectiveness.

Analytics Tracking

The analytical tracker obtains information on user's browsing your site through many different sources, for example; The HTTP request, IP address, and DOM directly provide us details of a visitors operating system, language, country & region, service provider, screen resolution, web-browser, and their computer type. A tracking cookie is also installed in the user's browser that tracks them around the internet and delivers information back to a main service. The information gathered by the tracking cookie will be able to intelligently provide us details on their demographic, interests, behavior, and more mostly based on the content on websites they visit.

Analytics Reporting

Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, and Quarterly Analytics Reporting to provide you with all the information you require to get a better understanding of your online performance and effectiveness allowing you to make educated decisions for optimization. Analytics reports can also be generated for your employees, allowing you to get insight on where they spend their time and compare productiveness. Employees analytics reports on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, phone calls, emails, and provides statistics on time spent on each application/task and number of documents/other created, calls made, emails sent, and any other metric.


Analytics provides you the data needed for optimizing your ads, website, products, customer service, product focus, and target audience. We can provide you a consulting and information service for optimizing your website, online product display, online customer service, online target audience, and optimizing your website with search engines. Some optimizations will be specific to your business and not a subject we can assist you with.