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Website Management

If your website goes down due to technical issues or hacking it can be a huge problem for your business. Loss of exposure, paid links rendered useless, loss of eCommerce, poor business image, and a multitude of other negative effects is why it's important to have a website manager who can ensure your website is running without problems. 70% of websites are running with security flaws, coding errors, redundancy faults, or compatibility errors that have a reasonably high probability of causing the website fall offline or be inoperable with new technology. Regular maintenance, security evaluations, redundancy & resource monitoring and compatibility updates are necessary to keep your website online and running smoothly 100% of the time. For a very small monthly fee you will also have somebody on hand to call if an issue ever does come up, somebody who has all the details required to access the server and the knowledge to quickly fix the problem.

Periodic Backups

Both of our website management services include a basic backup service. Periodic backups is still essential even with redundant hardware and fallback servers because of file corruption, hacks & exploits, and human error. The included backup service involves entire server backups every 12 or 24 hours and each backup is kept for 48 hours before it's deleted and replaced with a newer backup. This backup service does not include all features that are offered in our ‘Periodic Backups’ service listed on our ‘Backup and Disaster Recovery’ page, our more advanced Periodic Backups service includes more advanced features such as long term archiving, file revisions, custom backup frequencies, larger backup capacities, and option to keep each backup for longer.
If you require more advanced backup features alike our ‘Backup and Disaster Recovery’ service or require larger backup capacity these services can be additionally added to your plan.

Fast Security Patches

When a security flaw is discovered or made aware to hackers by recent security updates, hackers quickly attempt to exploit these vulnerabilities on sites that have not yet updated / patched their software. This is why it is important to quickly apply software updates when security flaws have been discovered. Keeping track of all your software and upto date with all the latest updates can be a lot of work but if it's not dealt with you may end up with a bigger problem to deal with.
Our technicians informed 24/7 with the latest news regarding viruses, exploits, and hacks so they can roll out the latest updates to our subscribers servers within minutes. All non-security related updates are scheduled monthly.

Monthly Updates

As mentioned in ‘Fast Security Patched’ regular updates are vital to keeping your server free of security problems, keeping your server free of bugs, optimizing performance, and maintaining compatibility; however as important updating is to security not all updates are high priorities or security related so we schedule these software updates to once a month which leave us time to research into the software changes, possible problems other people are having, or new bugs. Scheduling updates also gives us time to sandbox test these updates on your unique server to ensure there won't be any compatibility issues.

Redundancy & Resource Monitoring

Our redundancy & resource monitoring software triggers an alarm if any problems are detected such as hardware failures, and high system usage. Continuous monitoring of redundancy systems includes power supply, RAID, RAM, A/C Power Loss, and also check if the server is reachable (online) in case of catastrophic failure. System resource monitoring includes CPU, IO, Processes, Handles, Network, and RAM usage. Our system resource monitoring does not trigger an alarm if high usage is detected as this could be considered legitimate activity, however some usage patterns will trigger an alarm alerting us to a specific account. Additionally our ‘Advanced’ subscribers servers are actively monitored for more than 6 hours per day which gives us a better idea whats happening and allows us to see patterns that software can not detect.

On Request Account Changes

One benefit of cloud based application is they can be accessed anywhere, but this can also be a disadvantage if a disgruntled employee continues to have access to emails, and documents. On-request we are able to create/archive/delete a user account from your cloud based applications and run a permissions evaluations to ensure access is not provided to the wrong persons. On request email delegate / forwarding configuration for holidays, new & old employees, temporary / sick leave.

Analytics Reports

All servers managed by us are equipped with trackers to gather information about … User information gathered by the tracker is intelligently processes with the related content on your site and various other data sources to generate an analytical report that provides you unique insight into your customer for example, their language, age, gender, interests, prefered devices, prefered browser, country & region, phone/internet service provider, and lots more.

We will provide you with weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and quarterly analytical reports to provide you with all the information you require to get a better understanding of your online performance and conversions allowing you to make educated decisions for optimization.
For our ‘Advanced’ subscribers a second analytics report can be generated regarding your employees, allowing you to get insight on where they spend their time and compare productiveness. Employees tracker reports on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, phone calls, emails, and provides statistics on time spent on each application/task and number of documents/other created, calls made, emails sent, and any other metric.

See Analytics and Optimization Data for more information

Website Compatibility Updates

Mobile browsing now accounts for more than half of site traffic making it more important than ever to update to a mobile compatible & responsive website. With more than 50% of site traffic coming from mobile devices you could potentially double viewers and ecommerce. Periodic updates to your website is required to ensure complete compatibility with mobile, desktop, tablet, and various browser.

Plan Comparison

Essentials Plan
Advanced Plan
Periodic Backups Frequency 24 Hourly 12 Hourly
Fast Security Patches First Priority
Redundancy Alarm Monitoring
Monthly Updates
On Request Account Changes
Analytical Reports
Basic Compatibility Updates  
Server Log Check  
Monthly Security Evaluations  
Active System Resource Monitoring  
Monthly User Accounts Review