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Products and Services

As a full-service agency, we are better equipped to fulfill every aspect of your online marketing, design, and technology needs. There’s no disconnect between our copywriters, marketers, web designers, and software developers; All are managed under one roof and combine our skills to deliver superior results.

With a variety of skills comes a wide-range of ICT products and services. Everything pertaining to advertising, graphics design, web development, marketing, and ICT solutions.

Web Design Backup & Recovery Marketing

Web Design

Our web design service is a complete solution to meet your business needs. You will get more than just a pretty website; we will assist you with online advertising platforms, social media, and new technologies, all with the ultimate objective of driving targeted visitors to your site and converting them into customers.

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We specialise in integrated marketing communications which is a joint effort of all your marketing communications into a single integrated strategy. We will design a strategy from the ground up that drives more targeted visitors to your website through various online channels, and effectively converts more visitors into customers.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Most backup and disaster recovery plans are not complete solutions; leaving you vulnerable to data loss. Our backup and disaster recovery solution covers all possible causes of data loss, including human error.


Web Hosting

cPro Network offer fully managed web hosting with unlimited data usage, dedicated IP, and fully redundant hardware. Our Network hosting solution was purpose designed for our cProCMS which is a business orientated content management system. cPanel hosting is also available.