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KeywordTool.io Keyword Research Tool

Simply KeywordTool.io is an excelent combiniation of two already powerful Keyword research tools, namely Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner. This tool combines the qualities of both Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner into one tool with the addition of more unique data and features.

Alike Ubersuggest’s autocomplete feature, KeywordTool.io also gets its data direcly from search engines but offers many more suggestions which are usualy not visable with Ubersuggest or direct Google search. This makes KeywordTool.io very powerful for finding long-tail keywords, you can see upto 750 long-tail keywords where Google search will not show you more than 10 suggestions. Also supports 194 Google domains and 83 languages so you can get insight across more localised platforms.

What makes it different from others?

Combination of Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner is not a simple task due to these tools playing very different roles in the keyword research process, their user interfaces and methods of presenting data are very different so its quite the feat for KeywordTool.io to combine these two very different tools into a simple design. Aside from its simple design and amazing speed, its free availability for everyone is quite remarkable.

KeywordTool.io claims to have no errors. Due to continually fetching data and 100% uptime.

Using KeywordTool.io

For content optmization, marketers, and content creaters out there, keywordtool.io is really powerful for finding long-tail keywords since suggestions are prodivded according on the primary keyword you have entered. This means less reading through long lists of mostly irrelevant words trying to find those few useful keywords for your planner, that said you will still need to do it to an extent however there are far less relative to other tools.

The use of KeywordTool.io in respect to the keyword research process is primarily for finding relevant long-tail keywords and aggregating them all into one spreadsheet. Once you have found relevant long-tail keywords you can then export these for use in other keyword research tools to continue further steps on the keyword research process.

To start searching type a keyword into the search box, select domain & language then press search. You will be directed to the Keyword Suggestions page with a long list of keywords; the list is broken into 5 columns: Search terms, Keywords, Search Volume, CPC, and Competition.

Search terms

Words displayed in the search terms column are what would have been typed into the search engine to result in the keywords seen in the following column “Keywords”.


These are the suggested search terms by the selected search engine, these suggestions are based off your input seen in “Search Terms” column and generated by user searches within the search engine. This means the data is based off real searches which is about the most valuable source for insights.

Search Volume

This is the average number of searches per month for the selected search engine. By default Google is selected.


CPC stands for ‘Cost Per Click’, its the estimated cost advertisers are paying for a particular keyword on the selected search engine (Default: Google). This amount will change depending on the search engine you have selected, because the value of positions will fluctuate from search engine to search engine.


Competition is relative to the number of advertisers bidding on each keyword. Although this is relative to advertisers paying for positions on Google it does however give you a good idea what the competition of organic rank is too.

From the Keyword Suggestions page you are presented with a long list of keywords, now you can start sorting through them to export your most relevant long-tail keywords. KeywordTool.io has two excelent features build in for this task, #1st you can export the whole list including all 5 columns, or #2nd you can individually scroll down the list only selecting the keyword you would like to copy using the checkboxes next to each keyword; after you have selected each of the keywords you would like to copy simply click the ‘Copy (#)’ button located bottom right of the screen, after clicking the copy button KeywordTool.io will popup another windows with all those keywords selected, from here you can copy and past them into your spreadsheet.

There is a 3rd option to get data out of KeywordTool.io which is using the included API however this is for more advanced users.

KeywordTool.io Pro - Subscription

While keywordTool.io has free access; its search volume, CPC, and competition metrics are reserved for ‘Keyword Tool Pro’ which requires a paid subscription.

Benefits of Keyword Tool Pro:


In conclusion KeywordTool.io should make its way into your keyword research process becuase it saves your lots of time by mostly replacing the need of two other keyword research tools, and additionaly offers: