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Integrated Social Media Campaigns

An Integrated marketing campaign is a joint effort of all your marketing communication into a single integrated strategy so you can increase online presence, reinforce marketing message, increase effectiveness, and achieve a greater overall marketing impact. Social media is just one of the many efforts which can be included into your integrated marketing campaign.

Social media has grown rapidly over the last few years especially in the world of marketing. Many marketers have yet to learn how to take advantage of social media within their marketing campaigns. Second to a search optimized website, Social media is one of the most important components of a comprehensive integrated marketing campaign, but it wouldn't be fair to consider each component as a single effort, as an integrated marketing campaign is about working as a whole, every component is important for different goals and objectives but share a common theme or message.


Social media is very powerful, but many marketers don't know how to deal with it, or just outright don't understand it. Its funny how marketing is about communication yet the most social communication platforms are left out of the equation for many marketers.

Social media should be integrated into your marketing campaigns alike any other marketing effort, it needs to be evaluated and understood so you know which of the goals it can meet for your unique integrated marketing campaign. In other words this means evaluating and understanding each of the different marketing channels available to your business then developing marketing strategies and plans that utilizes each of the different marketing channels together to achieve a greater marketing impact.

Notice that it's about first evaluating all available marketing channels then utilizing the one which can be effective with your marketing goals. It's important to remember your time, budget, and other resources are limited, it's just not possible to utilise all marketing channels within your integrated marketing campaign; doing so will result in your resources being spread too thin and ultimately cause your marketing efforts to be ineffective.

There's an overwhelming amount of options available to online marketers, and overwhelmed is certainly what you will be if you attempt to utilise them all. It’s important to remember your time, budget, and other resources are limited. Not all social media will be effective advertising mediums for your business. Analysing and understanding each of the social networks is necessary to integrating them into your marketing campaigns. If a particular social media is not going to play a role in meeting atleast one goal of your integrated marketing campaign, then maybe it's not worth spending any time or effort on that social media network. Don't get caught up in the hype, and be sure to evaluate each social media networks role within your integrated marketing campaign.

Using Social Media

Encouraging customers to follow you on social media has many advantages such as keeping them engaged for remarketing, introduce them to new products or services, will expose your business to all of their friends with them being a more powerful word of mouth recommendation, and probably most overlooked is this enables you to take advantage of daily opportunities. These are opportunities or events that were unexpected or occur before enough time to plan ahead.

Because social media allows you to get messages out in front of your audience almost immediately then you can use this platform to take advantage of daily opportunities. A search engine does not give you much ability to take advantage of daily opportunities because it can take sometimes days to plan content, integrate it into your site, and optimize, not to mention the days it takes for search engines to effectively rank you.