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Google My Business A Greater Presence On Google

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What is Google My Business?

Business owners can sign up their business for Google My Business and provide their businesses contact details, including their phone number, trading hours, website, address, and pictures.

Google My Business displays in the right column of the search results whenever somebody searches for your business by name or address. This enhances the search experience for users on Google because they are able to quickly and easily find the contact details for businesses they are searching for.

Your business should sign up for Google My Business because it's free and improves your businesses exposure online.

Claim Your Business Listing

Google automatically adds as many businesses it can be confident are real. It does this by analysing signs and buildings in Google Maps, listings in directories, citations, and numerous others sources. So your business may already have a Google+ My Business page.

How do you know if your business already has a Google My Business page? Try searching for your business by name and address. If Google returns your business listing on the right side column of the search results then you’ve got a page already, and just need to claim it.

If your business did not appear in the right column when searching for it by name and address then you should sign up for Google My Business and create a new listing.

Prior to Google My Business

Google My Business makes it easy for you to get your business details online, and present in local search. Prior to Google My Business, getting your details online was a lot of work, not to mention getting them to appear in local search. Your business details had to be listed on dozens of citation sites. If all your contact details were listed on enough citation sites and Google has recognised them, then you’d still have to work on your rank to so your business is seen as a big enough deal that Google would display your details whenever somebody searches for your business, or services you offer in your area.

Luckily it's so much simpler these days, Just head over to business.google.com to signup and register your business.

When and Where Will My Business Details Be Seen?

Just by registering your business with Google My Business, you’ll be eligible to display in 4 Google products; these include, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Locations, and Google+.

Google Search

Your business will appear in the right column of Google Search whenever somebody searches for your business by name or address; and for highly ranked listings, you’ll appear here for close match searches for example “Budget Chauffeur Drive” will also display for “Airport Chauffeur Drive”.

Google Maps

With Google Maps your business will appear in the Google Maps website and mobile app, this helps users quickly get navigations to your business. Other benefits of being in Google maps is that people visiting nearby to your business may get a notification or suggestion to visit your business, this is particularly good for tourist destinations and restaurants.

Google Locations

Google locations appears in the Google Search results when somebody searches for keywords broadly related to your business category or services. When your business displays here it will be accompanied by 2 or 4 other competing businesses; this gives the user the choice in who to contact for their query.

Google Location suggestions appears above the organic search results and from these location suggestions the user can tap on your business to call, get directions, or visit your website.

Making The Most of Your Google My Business Listing

Google make it very simple to register your business so that it’s eligible to display in the right column business listing, in Google Locations, and in Google Maps; however getting your Google listing to rank well enough that it displays frequently in Google Locations and in Google Maps is another challenge.

Having your business rank well in Google Location can result in significant exposure to your business. Google Location displays for service related keywords such as “Car Service Brisbane”, these broad match keywords are searched for frequently in Google so having your business display here will get you seen by a lot of people who are actively looking for those services.

To get your business displayed frequently and in front of people from a sizable radius of your businesses location it’s a matter of correctly positioning and ranking your Google Business listing.

Ranking Your Google My Business Listing

The exposure benefits that a highly ranked and optimised listing can give your business is significant. Getting a well ranked and optimised listing can be challenging but with the right know-how and a little work each week your business can reap the benefits.

We offer an on-going service to maintain and improve your Google My Business listing, this includes:

Looking to setup a new Google Business listing or interest in having us manage your listing?

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