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Electronic Commerce

e-Commerce removes the geographical restraint on your business. Without being limited to your local area your business is presented with a vastly larger audience and far greater business opportunities. The majority of sales are automated with no customer service required, making e-commerce a great additional income stream.

Expand your business online and throughout all the large ecommerce websites to reach new customers. The highly targeted nature and low cost of online marketing means that even niche products can thrive online.

eCommerce Channels

There are four major e-commerce channels online: Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Google’s product index. To run a comprehensive e-commerce business you need product listings on all relevant e-commerce channels because many shoppers go directly to these websites when looking to purchase. eBay and Amazon are big e-commerce websites that many shoppers go directly to without searching Google first. If you already have an ecommerce website that ranks highly in Google, then selling on Amazon and eBay is not going to cannibalize your current sales. A sale on eBay or Amazon is a sale that you would not otherwise have.

Some e-commerce businesses are wrongly driven to use only one ecommerce website due to cheaper product listing, sale fees and other charges. It's been proven time and time again that if a product is being sold for more on one ecommerce site compared to another, the consumer will continue to use their preferred ecommerce site even if that means paying more. We recommend adjusting a listings price according to how much that particular e-commerce site charges for their services, but keep in mind you still need to stay competitive with other listings.

Expanding your ecommerce business into other channels is like opening another retail store in another city. You wouldn't expect that your new store is going to reduce your first stores market because the customers your new store reaches in its new location are customers that otherwise would have been outside of your geographical reach. A similar situation is going on online, but instead of customers being outside of your geographical reach they are instead are searching on different websites. Luckily online it's much easier to start selling on additional websites compared to the high cost of setting up a new retail store. To ensure that consumers looking to purchase your products are actually being presented with them, you require listings on all relevant ecommerce channels.

Consumer Site Loyalty

Many online shoppers have site loyalty that’s mostly due to unique services these sites offer, or simply because they stick to what they know. Site loyalty is one of the primary reasons consumers will continue to purchase a product on their preferred ecommerce website even if it's available elsewhere cheaper. Amazon offers two unique services, Amazon Prime, and Fulfillment by Amazon. Both eBay and Amazon offer some form for money back buyer's protection.

Amazon Prime

Amazon claims to have over 20,000,000 Amazon Prime member households worldwide, these members pay amazon an annual fee for two-day shipping and various other benefits.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Amazon's fulfillment service makes ecommerce much easier, saves a lot of time, and provides a better service to customers. Amazon claims that product listings with FBA sell 20% more compared to Amazon listings without FBA. With FBA your company sends products into amazon and they handle the rest; when a product is sold they will package and ship it, and if there is any customer service required or returns, Amazon will handle that too. Amazons FBA service leaves your business to handle the restocking of inventory, and managing product listings; this model saves your business a lot of time.

eCommerce Website

Running your own ecommerce website gives your business the ability to completely customise the product placement, product showcase, and content. Due to unknown or niche products not being searched for on the major ecommerce websites they don't receive many viewers and the viewers they do receive just are not targeted so these types of products have very poor performance compared to more well know products. The customizability of websites allows you to better position your products to provide them more exposure than they would not receive on eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba.

If your site ranks well in Google your products may show up when people are at the research stage of the buying cycle or looking to purchase a similar product. If somebody is searching for a product to solve a problem but they don't know exactly what they are looking for then this is exactly where you'd like to target your unknown and niche products.

In addition to the customizability benefits of a private websites, you also don't have to pay any sale or listing fees on your own site.

Google’s product index enhances private ecommerce websites with rich snippets, inclusion in Google shopping search, additional advertising options, additional off site product placement, and various other benefits. Google's product index automatically syncs with compatible ecommerce websites.