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Cost Effective Marketing

Internet marketing is highly targeted, completely measurable, and active. Ads are only shown to those who have indicated interest or actively seeking your products & services.

Digitally almost anything can be measure providing rich analytical data within hours so you can quickly & accurately optimize your ads and website to get even better and more targeted results.

If your business does not take advantage of internet marketing channels, your exposure is quite limited. 93% of business purchases and 90% of large consumer purchases are researched online first so it's more important than ever to have an online presence.

Internet Marketing

A website is the most effective marketing tool available today, which is why it quickly become the primary marketing means for businesses of all sizes. If your business does not have a website than your ability to communicate in this modern market is extremely hindered. There are customers out there looking for your products and services that just can’t find you because they, just alike a large & growing number of people who only look online, which is a marketing channel where your business has no presence.

A website is not only an incredibly effective marketing tool itself but also opens the doors for other highly targeted marketing channels like Facebook Ads, Promoted Tweets, Google Adwords, and Google Display-Network.

Essentially, what make online marketing so effective is that people are only shown ads for products and services that they are interested in or actively seeking. Just as a manufacturer installs promotional stickers and posters directly onto the demo product so they can entice customers who are actively looking, the same is done online by placing relevant ads next to the goods or subjects on the page.

A website that reviews televisions may not sell televisions but present the opportunity to businesses that do sell televisions to place an ad on their pages. Somebody looking at televisions in an electronics store is actively indicating interest in purchase a television; online, someone may indicate their interest in buying a television by their search queries or visiting websites that review televisions, these are the places that search result ads or display ads will have the most success.


Online marketing is highly targeted. A user is tracked around the internet to find the precise time to re-market, re-target, and display specific ads. A user is targeted by actions they have taken, the device they’re using, their search queries, their geographical location, their relative demographic, and sites they have visited.


Marketing online is completely measurable. This is extremely useful to optimize your ads, target audience, and much more. Actions by a user, clicks, and cookies help to measure the impact of ads. Rich analytics data is available within hours instead of weeks or months, allowing you to make changes faster and cut the waste.


Users only see banner ads or search ads that they are interested in or actively seeking those products or services; this gives ad's a much higher success rate. When an ad is clicked, the user is actively learning about your products and services, which is obviously going to be much more effective than having an irrelevant advertisement that they are not even interested in, as traditional advertising does.

Because online marketing is so much more targeted, the effectiveness and control your business has is so much greater than traditional methods. For example, if you wanted to run a newspaper ad your company would be limited to the papers in your area, and confined to the total readership of that particular newspaper which may be above your businesses service capacity.

Online advertising has raised the response rate from 0.14% of newspaper ads to 20% with online ads like Google Adwords, and these forms of advertising are completely scaleable. A 20% response rate means that 1 in 5 people who view your ad will respond (contact via phone or email, or visit your store).

For example, If your business has a service capacity of 5 jobs per day; and your advertising medium of choice is a newspaper ad with a readership of 500,000 and 0.14% average response rate. From this ad, you should expect 700 enquiries. However, this is obviously over your businesses service capacity. Alternatively using a scalable online advertising platform such as display network or search ads your company can limit the number of viewers per day, and even pause ads when you’re too busy.

Online advertising mediums give your business the ability to scale ad spend based on your business needs on a daily basis. Unlike traditional advertising mediums, online advertising enables your to suit the ad reach to your business's capacity.

Get Online

Online marketing is targeted, measurable, and active; which results in higher response rates, more controlled advertising campaigns, and lower cost. There are customers out there looking for your products and services that just can't find you because they only look online, which is a marketing channel your business currently has no presence.

Get your business online with an effective website and a marketing company who know how to get you results.

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